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Radiant Red Hair Color Ideas from Madison Reed

More than any other color, the reds have the power to transform your look. Classic fiery copper hair channels energy and attention like an electrical charge. Softer waves of amber and auburn hair color are less bold, but just as beautiful. To turn your look up to eleven, try a deep, rich dark red or burgundy. These super-saturated jewel tones are a bit more edgy and iconoclastic.

From light, to bright, to dark — red hair color is a beautiful way to amplify your look. Choosing the right hair shade for your complexion transforms ordinary color into a show-stopping statement, even if it is just a few strategically placed ribbons of color to warm things up. Check out our red hair color ideas below for your next inspiration!


Subtle with a surprising twist. This bold gem tone adds a rich, modern dimension to your hair color, shimmering at the slightest hint of light. It works beautifully as all over color or as a striking way to highlight darker hair.

Trieste Red (5NRM) is our burgundy.

christine N  {{'2017-08-22T12:29:36.000Z' | date}}

I absolutely love this hair color. The color is rich and lasts a lot longer than store brands, and there is no odor. I will never buy store color again.



From russet to cinnamon, these dimensional, rich reddish brown hair shades combine the best of both worlds. The soft subtlety of warm brown with just enough red to make it spict. See if auburn hair color is right for you.

Sardinia Red (6NCG) is our auburn.

Tina M  {{'2017-03-28T20:01:33.000Z' | date}}

I'm very happy with the product and color and I feel it covers my grays longer too than store-bought box color. I will keep ordering.



Like the perfect lighting, the right red hair color flatters your complexion. Even with no makeup. A timeless classic, copper hair is always a standout choice when you are looking for a sensational, eye-catching shade. See if copper hair color is right for you.

Genova Red (7NCG) is our copper.

Janie R  {{'2017-07-31T04:50:49.000Z' | date}}

I love this color, and the product itself, is amazing!!! Leaves hair, very healthy and shiny ! Yhe color goes on easily and lasts much longer than any oft OTC brands!!!


Dark Red

As delicious as red velvet cake. This crave-worthy rock star hair color draws plenty of attention. Leave your roots natural to amp up the style and saturate red ends and mid-lengths as deeply as you dare. See if dark red hair color is right for you.

Portofino Red (6NRR) is our dark red hair color.

Stephanie K.  {{'2017-03-28T21:17:42.000Z' | date}}

I've had many compliments, I'm super glad I decided to go for this color and this company.



The best of both worlds. This rich hair color is natural, but kicked up a notch combining everything good about both red and brown hues. With gorgeous redwood tones, this shade is a perfect luxe enhancement. See if mahogany hair color is right for you.

Firenze Brown (6NMG) is our mahogany.

Wendy W  {{'2017-03-25T22:06:55.000Z' | date}}

I am so happy I found a hair color that gives all over even color, smells great, doesn't have harsh chemicals, and comes with everything that I need to color my hair. I feel so pampered when my log arrives - it's beautiful. I started with the Firenze brown and then tried the Verona brown. I think I like the Verona better since it's a little darker, which is exactly what I was looking for. Very happy.